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Serta 23 Motion Essentials VI Adjustable Base

Brand: Serta
Product Code: 500831819
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Take your rest to the next level with an easy-to-assemble, best-selling adjustable base that features upgrades for enhanced customized comfort.

Customize your sleep with Serta's best-selling adjustable base. Now upgraded with a Zero-Gravity preset for a weightless, calming experience that helps relieve pressure points and USB A & C ports, so charging your devices in bed is even more convenient. A wireless remote easily raises and lowers the head and foot of the mattress so you can find the perfect position, while a preset One-Touch Flat button quickly and conveniently returns the mattress to a flat position. With 4-in-1 adjustable legs that help ensure the perfect height for your existing furniture, this easy-to-assemble base is an updated shade of navy blue. Now sleeping, relaxing, or working from bed can all be done with maximum comfort—plus, it provides excellent support for parents feeding or holding infants while in bed.

  • Expands the usability of a mattress by adjusting sleeping positions, aiding in relieving pressure points, and elevating the body for a calming, weightless feel.
  • A comfortable way to sleep, work, and relax from bed.
  • Easily raise the head and foot of the bed to find the perfect position with the wireless remote.
Zero-Gravity Preset
  • A preset position that provides a weightless, calming experience that helps relieve pressure points.
One-Touch Flat Preset
  • A preset wireless remote button that quickly and conveniently returns base to a flat position.
USB A & C Ports
  • Conveniently charge devices from the comfort of bed with USB A & C ports located on the base.
Your Serta Motion Essentials Adjustable Frame is compatible with most platform beds and frames.